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01 Dec

"Comfiest Bed in Our Home"

Dear FloBeds,

I am writing to let you know that my husband and I sleep on a Duxiana mattress.  I decided to purchase a high quality, healthy mattress for our teenage son.  He and I went to the Duxiana store together, but I did not want to spend quite that much money on his mattress. I had heard about your Flobeds natural talalay mattresses from my sister and decided to purchase one for my son.  He has the comfiest bed in our home.  His bed is by far cozier and more comfortable than mine with the  Duxiana mattress.  In fact, I recently purchased a talalay topper from Flobeds to put on top of my Duxiana to make it more comfortable.  It has helped, but the full flobeds mattress is still more comfortable than my own.
Thank you for your excellent, natural, healthy, comfortable product.

19 Nov

Goldilocks New 20 Year Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re only happy if you love your FloBeds bed and our service. If you don’t, we’ll make your bed just right.  If we can’t or refund your money.  FloBeds knows how important the mattress you sleep on is. We know you can’t be positive what firmness is going to be right for you. Not on the internet, nor on a showroom floor for twenty minutes (even if they would turn the lights down and leave the room). If we can’t get the Mattress your body needs within 100 days, we will refund your purchase price. You only pay the shipping.
And for the 20 year life of your FloBed you can order new firmness cores at a fraction of the cost.  Your FloBed… always “Just Right

Goldilocks Guarantee

11 Nov

Latex Allergies, Box Springs, and New Cores | FloBeds

One customers initial questions before purchasing a Latex Mattress from 


I am shopping for a new mattress and had a few question… Ted
Q1: My first question is my wife has a “slight” sensitivity to latex. With the way your bed is constructed, you never really touch the latex while sleeping. Have you found this to be a problem with any of your customers?
Dewey Answers: We have had no allergic reactions to our Talalay Latex even with people who have severe latex allergies. Check out this link to learn more about it. Latex Allergies.
Q2: Is there an advantage using one of your foundations compared to using the box spring set I already have?
Dewey Answers: You can expect our foundations to last the life of our mattresses, and they not only last longer, they promote great air flow. Most box springs start to give way between 5 and 7 years. Since the life of our latex mattress is 20 plus years, we decided to move away from the industry norm of the box spring construction and started building foundations that would last as long as our mattresses.
Q3: Will my mattress be new made with new cores?
Dewey Answers: Any time you purchase a latex layer from us, it will be BRAND NEW.

21 Oct

All About Talalay Latex

Why Talalay Latex is so good.

Ever wonder about the latex FloBeds uses to make our beds?

Talalay Latex Core

We’re proud to say we use Talalay latex, a process that produces the finest quality latex available. It’s American made, and is the most resilient, consistent, and breathable latex available.  It costs a little more, but so worth it.
Here’s a video that tells you all about it…

10 Oct

Are You Comfortable?

Sleep in Comfort, Sleep on Latex

Make sure you feel cozy and secure, and most importantly, comfortable in your new bed.
Forget the old adage that a mattress has to be hard as a board to be good for you.  The only things a too-hard mattress will put to sleep are your shoulders and hips.
Call us at (800)356-2337, or use our on-line Firm Adviser to create the mattress of your dreams.

28 Jul

New! Ask for a Sample Kit

Get to See What Goes Into a FloBed

Those of you who have a FloBed mattress know what the components of the sleep system feel like. You’ve run your hand over the cover of organic cotton quilted to organic wool. You know the feel of 100% natural Talalay latex in various levels of firmness, and you’re familiar with the touch of the convolute (egg-crate) topper.
It occurred to us that people considering a FloBed mattress might like to see and feel the components too. If you’re on-the-fence and want to see & feel it before you buy, why not ask for samples? Just give us a call, 1(800)FloBeds  – 356-2337, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Satuday 10am-5pm, Pacific Time.  Or send an email to with your phone number and we’ll call you!
The sample set is $2 for a small kit, and $12 for the large with free shipping(we will subtract this from the cost of your bed when you purchase).  A few days later you’ll receive swatches of the cover, the convolute topper, and latex pads in various levels of firmness and you’ll be good to go.

12 Jul

Does Your Cat or Dog Sleep On Your Bed?

When You Have To Share Your Bed

Where do you stand on the issue of sleeping with your dog or cat?
Some people think dogs shouldn’t be allowed on the bed because it can cause behavior issues. But really, is there anything wrong with sharing your FloBed with your cat or dog?
How To Be Your Dog’s Best Friend, the dog obedience manual by the Monks of New Skete, advises letting your dog sleep on the floor in your bedroom, but never in your bed.
‘s article  in doesn’t agree, “In general, letting your dog on the furniture is not going to cause problems – behavioral or otherwise. Dogs love to curl up on the sofa, the bed, and anywhere else that’s nice and soft. They also like to spend time in their humans’ favorite spots”.
An entertaining article in Slate Magazine by Emily Yoffee, tells the story of how her cats lost their spot on the bed to her dog…
My beagle, Sasha, got the opportunity to settle in for the night when my husband declared he was evicting from the bed our two current cats, all 36 pounds of them. He explained, “In the middle of the night they run up and down my body, then they sit on my chest and crush it.” Since I am a light sleeper, I told my husband it was hard to believe his description of our cats’ ramblings. Ever the considerate wife, I suggested he might be having nocturnal psychotic episodes.
“Do I have to install a video camera?” he said. “They march up and down my body like they’re on a picket line, then they sit on me. They’re driving me crazy.”
A few nights later, cats still in the bed, I got up at 4 a.m. to go to the bathroom. When I returned, there was Biscuit, sitting in the middle of my sleeping husband’s chest, peering into his open mouth as if about to perform periodontal surgery. Goldie was climbing up my husband’s legs. I was shaken. It was painful, but I agreed the next morning to banish the cats to the basement at night.
Where do you stand? Do you share your bed with an animal?
Share your opinions, experience and advice – even photos if you have them!

01 Jul

I am Furious

When Good Customers Get Mad

“I am furious.” Wow, usually our customers say how happy they are with their new bed, so you can imagine my concern when I got an email with this subject line.

This is the mattress that I love
FloBeds Zoned Mattress

My concern turned to confusion as I read on, “Just wanted to say that I purchased a flo-bed in early 2002 – latex — I am still more than pleased. I hate sleeping outside of my home and would really only buy from you again.”

Well, so far so good. But I still don’t know why he’s furious, “I liked it so much at the time, I almost bought a guest bed and you guys agreed to both take my order and cancel it when my wife vetoed. I never want to walk into a mattress store again and you guys are the sole reason.”

Ah-ha… here it comes, “So why am I furious? Because in the Page One Wall Street Journal article on quality mattress shopping, you were nowhere to be found.”

The article explained that as people age, or they have trouble sleeping because of chronic pain, they become aware of the comfort of their beds. According to the article, to get a good night’s sleep some people are spending as much as $33,000, the price of the most expensive American-made mattress set on the market!

So what did our furious fan do? He put this note on his blog BlockShoppe: “I was a little shocked FloBeds offerings were left out of the Wall Street Journal article on high-end quality mattresses. My FloBeds mattress cost me a fraction of the stuff they were pitching.”

Within the hour not only St Louis, but Houston and Columbus heard a FloBed fan is furious we weren’t on the list of exceptional beds. Thanks Eddie, now they know!  We will continue to make the best mattress we can: natural Talalay latex mattresses that last and last and remain comfortable.

07 Aug

FSC Ponderosa Pine

FSC Certified Ponderosa Pine from Collinswood

FSC Ponderosa Pine in Our Foundations

We use FSC certified Ponderosa pine in our foundation construction, sustainably harvested from CollinsWood forest products, a family-owned company whose core values are akin to ours.

Ponderosa Pine

spaceAt FloBeds, we source the wood for our solid Ponderosa Pine foundations and turned leg supports from CollinsWood, the industry leader in FSC-Certified forest products.

CollinsWood Mission:
“Our mission is to manage the forests sustainably. Nurture the forest’s biodiversity. Help create a stable workforce that builds healthy communities where families can work and thrive. Foster loyalty and trust simply by being loyal and trustworthy. Leave the Earth better for our being here.”
– Truman W. Collins, 1943, President, 3rd Generation

Need we say more? If you’d like to learn more about how CollinsWood is leading the industry in sustainable forest products, visit

CollinsWood Green Report Card

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