Natural Talalay Latex vs. Blended Talalay Latex


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Many customers ask- what is the difference between Natural and Original Blended Latex? Well look, touch and feel is the same. Natural Latex is made with 100% Natural Talalay and produced using no fillers, petrochemicals. The Natural is made with 100% milk from the rubber tree. We source our Natural Latex from Radium in the Netherlands. FloBeds 100% Natural Latex is biodegradable and Oekotex Certified (Europe’s highest environmental consumer product standard) to be free of harmful substances or chemicals.

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Original Latex is blended 70% synthetic and 30% natural latex. Our Original Latex come for Latex International. All of our latex is naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial (Bacteria, mold and mildew cannot live in latex) and dust mite resistant (tests prove latex is 3 times more resistant to dust mites than a traditional mattress) making it the perfect mattress material for allergy sufferers or anyone interested in breathing fresh, clean air while they sleep.


UPS and FloBeds Sleep System



FloBeds has been using UPS to send our beds across the U.S. for years. The FloBeds Sleep System comes via UPS ready to place in your room and sleep. Just 8 wing-nuts and a zipper is all the assembly required. Our Smart Packaging saves natural resources (cardboard/trees and fuel). The FloBeds Manufacturer Direct to you business model further saves fuel and lessens your carbon footprint. A FloBeds Mattress & Foundation comes in 4 Cartons with waist high handles.

Pay someone to write your paper. You get only the best work in time.

Once it arrives at your steps our FloBed is pretty easy to put together. See the video below for the step by step process:


High Customer Satisfaction Rating


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Here at FloBeds customers satisfaction is our top priority. One customer mentioned:

“I stumbled on that site “” and it was here I discovered Flobeds. I noticed them because they had one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any manufacturer. That was impressive, especially in such a subjective area as sleep ware. I called Flobeds and bugged their sales staff for a few weeks with questions. They were always courteous and helpful, and knew a lot about their product. I really liked their business model of shipping you the bed in components that you build yourself into what feels best for you. I am a tweak-er so this fit my mode of doing things to a tee. I also like the ability to come back years later and replace components that might be worn out (like the Vzone layer) with new material rather than throwing away something 80% usable and spending another $3-5K. ”

FloBeds Customer

Fun Fact Friday- Labor Day Weekend

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This weekend in our small town of Fort Bragg, Ca we will be celebrating Paul Bunyan Days. One of the highly anticipated events for the weekend is the popular Logging Show. The weekend will be filled with activities including,”…the Ugly Dog Contest, Fish Fry, Pie Sale, Labor Day Parade, Old Fashion Dress Review, Craft Show, Classic Car Show and so much more.”

How will you be celebrating your Labor day weekend? If you are mattress shopping this weekend make sure to check out our website Our mattresses are at their lowest prices all year around. No gimmicks or crazy sales at our store. Just superior quality and customer service.

Have a great weekend!

Fun Fact Friday


dtbeach2Customers often ask where the “Flo” in FloBeds comes from. Well, Dave Turner started FloCare many years ago. FloCare sold waterbeds, or flotation sleep systems. Although we have moved to latex only mattresses we kept our name FloBeds.

Setting Records


Happy Friday! Here is our fun fact for this Friday:

FloBeds Largest Dog Bed
In 2010 FloBeds made a record-setting dog bed of the same all-natural materials we use in our organic natural latex mattresses. That means it was not only the world’s biggest dog bed, but the most comfortable and most eco-friendly!

Fun Fact Friday



Did you know the Hulk sleeps on our bed? We mentioned a few years ago that Mark Ruffalo has purchased four mattresses from us. So if you have a FloBed you are in good company! If you don’t have a FloBed yet then what are you waiting for? If it is good enough to keep the Hulk happy then it is good enough for you.

Fun Fact Friday



If you have called FloBeds you have probably spoken to Dewey Turner. Dewey started at FloBeds 12 years ago! His fondest memory is when he went to Utah in 2009 to get a new Edge Sweets Latex-Foam Horizontal Saw. That saw made it possible for FloBeds to control the quality and precision of the latex layers in every latex mattress.


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Great Product Great Cause


As you know, here at FloBeds we are a family run business. I had the pleasure of telling my customers last year, that my son Packie and his fiancé Bianca started a mattress topper company called Bed Bandits.

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After one year of business, they are now the preferred bedding and linen provider for nine universities. Their toppers are perfect for those uncomfortable dorm beds or for any mattress that is too hard to bare. If you have a college student heading off to school and leaving behind a FloBed, consider sending them off with the comfort of home.

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Together Packie and Bianca developed a business model that is equal parts great product and great cause. For every three mattress toppers sold, they donate one to someone in need. Below is a video featuring their most recent topper donation:

We consider a good night’s sleep the most important way to stay healthy and be effective through the day. The Bed Bandits toppers are great for students, camping, RV’s and any hard mattress. When you buy your Bed Bandit, you are not only making your own dreams a little sweeter, but you’re also softening someone else’s hard nights.

Follow the Bed Bandits on Facebook to watch as these two entrepreneurs continue to grow their businesses.

Fun Friday Facts




Dave and Anne Turner brought their business, FloBeds, up to Fort Bragg in 1992. First they ran their business out of their home on Highway 20. FACT: Anne even recalls that their shipping department was based out of a horse barn on the property! In 1998 they opened up shop on Redwood Ave. in downtown Fort Bragg, and they have been there ever since. If you ever stop by our shop to try a latex mattress make sure you check out Anne Turner’s award-winning quilts.