Spring (good)… Springs (not so good)

Organic Wool - Comfort and Fire Resistant, Naturally

It rained again today.  What a blessing.

We have had 3 years of very dry weather.  The thought of mandatory water rationing is not pleasant, but was on the horizon before these last two storms.

I hope the rain continues.

Curious Lambs
Spring Lambs are curious!

The sheep need it too!

Spring lambs are frolicking.  They will be making future FloBeds wool and live to an old age.  Are sheep-years like dog-years?   One thing is certain: our customers don’t count sheep!

Maybe you should consider a natural latex mattress made with 100% pure milk of the rubber tree foam rubber cores surrounded by organic cotton and organic wool (the wool is our way of making a fire-safe mattress that meets US Open Flame Mattress Standards).  No more counting sheep… just enjoy the great qualities of latex and wool in a chemical free bed of your dreams!

Should you have to rotate your mattress?


We Don’t Believe in Turning Your Mattress

Instructions for
an Innerspring Mattress

Turning your mattress correctly in five easy steps

Regular turning is critical. For the first three months after purchase, turn your mattress monthly; thereafter, every 90 days. Also, remember to rotate your boxspring twice a year.

Instructions for

FloBeds Mattress


step1.gif (1960 bytes) Push at corners A and B while
mattress is lying flat.
sheepsoft.gif (2115 bytes)
step2.gif (1993 bytes) Position mattress across bed so that
it hangs over one foot or more.
sheepmed.gif (2098 bytes)
step3.gif (1639 bytes) Raise mattress up on edge as
indicated in the illustration.
sheepfirm.gif (1828 bytes)
step4.gif (1873 bytes) Let mattress fall gently toward head
of bed as shown.
step5.gif (2022 bytes) Push alternately on corners A and B
to position mattress.
This may result in personal injury or damage to your
mattress. Handles should be used only to position the mattress. They
may pull out if used to support the full weight of the mattress.
Your dreams may vary.