“Now I Don’t Have Backaches”


About 5 years ago I  had back aches almost all the time because of my work as a Nursing Assistant at the area hospital. My daughter had gotten a FloBed, and for several years encouraged me to buy one. After a lot of thought, and more pain, I decided to get one.  It came in really small boxes compared to what I had expected.  I took them out and laid them on the bed in the order I thought I would like, with firm and soft on the side I sleep on the most.  Almost immediately I noticed I was sleeping longer through the night, not waking up every time I had to turn over because of my pains.  After about a year, I decided to change my side of the  bed to firm with medium on top. That is when I really felt the best relief. Now I don’t have those back aches, and other joint pains from sleeping on  those metal coils.  I am able to get a really good rest. I am so glad I got that bed, I  wish I had gotten it years sooner. If I had ordered one after I first heard my daughter rave about hers, I would have been a lot happier a few years sooner.  I really do love my bed.

“Comfiest Bed in Our Home”



Dear Flobeds,

I am writing to let you know that my husband and I sleep on a Duxiana mattress.  I decided to purchase a high quality, healthy mattress for our teenage son.  He and I went to the Duxiana store together, but I did not want to spend quite that much money on his mattress. I had heard about your Flobeds natural talalay mattresses from my sister and decided to purchase one for my son.  He has the comfiest bed in our home.  His bed is by far cozier and more comfortable than mine with the  Duxiana mattress.  In fact, I recently purchased a talalay topper from Flobeds to put on top of my Duxiana to make it more comfortable.  It has helped, but the full flobeds mattress is still more comfortable than my own.

Thank you for your excellent, natural, healthy, comfortable product.