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  • FloBeds The Original Customized Latex Mattress
    FloBeds The Original Customized Latex Mattress
    Made in USA 1-800-356-2337
    live person guaranteed


    The Original Personally Crafted Latex Mattress... because your body deserves it!

    Herewith, Our History...

    Stanford Quad Palo Alto, California Dave's first Delivery Truck 1971

    Entered the specialty sleep business in Palo Alto, California as a means to pay for college at Stanford. After 4 years of political science and waterbeds, opened a second retail store.

    Formed FloCare National, providing specialized home delivery and warranty service for Sears, JCPenneys and regional specialty stores in 10 states.

    SoundSleep, a FloCare subsidiary, began supplying JCPenney and other retailers with high quality softsided flotation sleep systems.

    The FloBeds Story... as told by Dave

    FloCare incorporated as Turner Express Company, Inc. Continued operating service centers in Florida, Texas and California, providing product assurance and becoming experts in mattress construction. Began to eliminate less profitable trucking aspect of business.

    FloCare Product Assurance Components, started as an added service to the national retailers and regional sleep shops, was becoming an ever growing part of the business. FloCare Product Assurance continues to grow. Today we are proud that all of our retail service customers from our distribution decade still use FloCare to help their customers get the right replacement flotation component, promptly and efficiently.

    Moved business from San Francisco Peninsula across the Golden Gate and north to coast town of Fort Bragg, California.

    Golden Gate Bridge looking north Fort Bragg, California

    One of our accounts referred a quadraplegic who needed a waterbed that would work on a hospital bed to relieve pressure and prevent pressure ulcers. Surprised to discover that there were no suitable products, FloCare designed and put into production a fluid mattress that works in the healthcare environment to deliver pressure relief and comfort. The FloCare Fluid Mattress received US Patent 5,513,400 in May 1996 and US Patent 5,850,646 in December 1998.

    We put our new pressure relief mattress on the World Wide Web with the idea of providing hospitals and institutions with information. Virtually no facilities came... but boy did the rest of the world! Soon we were shipping our components around the world.

    Designed a latex mattress to provide dual adjustable firmness. Introduced our "90 Night Test Rest" SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

    Built the DreamMaker, allowing users to configure the "Bed of Your Dreams" online, creating "The First Personally Crafted Mattress" - A mattress that is built to order for the specific requirements of each sleeper and shipped within days.

    Purchased Redwood Ave building in downtown Fort Bragg now serving as offices and showroom.

    Redwood Avenue, home of FloBeds We pack so you can receive with ease...  and creating the lowest carbon footprint possible! Euro Slat Foundation

    Tired of dealing with trucklines that could not provide the quality home delivery service our customers deserved, we designed a foundation system that could ship via UPS. Using solid wood sides and struts, we created a foundation that allowed us to ship a complete bed via UPS in 4 manageable boxes and only require an 8 wing-nut assembly. Now every order ships on time and is trackable.

    Received our first letter of recognition from the Bureau (BBB, not FBI) for a zero complaint year, indicating that not one customer had ever complained to the bureau about our company, products, or business practices.

    Created the Firmness Advisor for "The First Personally Crafted Mattress", offering online visitors "Firm Advice" about what mattress firmness would be appropriate for their particular needs and sleep preferences (patent pending).

    Introduced our European Slat Foundation utilizing a bent beechwood slat system imported from Europe in our solid pine foundation.

    Received our second letter of recognition from the Bureau for a zero complaint year, indicating that not one customer had ever complained to the bureau about our company, products, or business practices.

    Customer Service x 3 Received our third letter of recognition from the Bureau for a zero complaint year, indicating yet another year that not one customer had complained to the bureau about our company, products, or business practices. Whoa... deja vu!

    Newsweek writes: "Better yet, find a mattress you can adjust to the point of perfection. Flobeds ( or 1-800-FLOBEDS) sells stackable latex panels that range from soft to superfirm. Stack two panels of different firmness for a truly customized sleep. And because each side of the mattress has separate panels, your partner can sleep on marble while you float on marshmallows. Goldilocks Was Right!"

    FloCare European stretch knit uses German MicroCare knit with a micro-metalic fiber that is naturally anti-bacterial. The FloCare Euro Knit is a chemical-free alternative to eliminating dust mites and other bacteria or fungi. In normal use, the FloCare micro-fiber produces oxygen deep in the cloth. The resulting oxygen rich environment is in-hospitable to dust mites, a wide range of fungi and bacteria.

    Newsweek talks about why Goldilocks was right! We use only the finest wool, from the happiest sheep! The Bureau gave us Honor Roll Certificates every year for eight years running until the certificate program was ended.

    Sourced superior quality wool... We now use pure Organic Wool in all of our mattresses. Superior wool means better air circulation, better moisture wicking, better comfort... all for a better night's sleep! (not to mention happier sheep:)

    Purchased manufacturing facility across town. Moved wood shop and latex fabrication to new building. Sales (telephone and showroom), shipping and customer service remain on Redwood Avenue.

    Received our fifth letter of recognition from the Bureau for a zero complaint year, indicating yet another year that not one customer had complained to the bureau about our company, products, or business practices.

    Introduced the 7-Zone Latex mattress and the 7-Zone Memory Foam/Latex Mattress, providing adjustable lumbar support and shoulder relief.

    Received our sixth letter of recognition from the Bureau for a zero complaint year, indicating that...that taking customer service seriously is WHERE WE ARE AT!

    Refined zoned mattress to create the Zone-on-Point system to provide pressure relief at the hip and shoulder area. Each sleeper now has the ability to raise or lower the Zone-on-Point layer, targeting the relieve their body wants, perfect for side sleepers.

    Received our seventh letter of recognition from the Bureau for a zero complaint year, indicating yet another year that not one customer had complained to the bureau about our company, products, or business practices.

    Added third building for latex fabrication. Equipped with Edge-Sweet Latex-Foam Vertical Saw.

    Introduced the FloBed AirCore, an interchangable air cell that can take the place of one of our four latex cores, providing a latex bed with air adjustability.

    November, 2005 marked ten full years of marketing our Personally Crafted Mattresses on the World Wide Web.

    Received our eighth letter of recognition from the Bureau for a zero complaint year, indicating yet another year (2006) that not one customer had complained to the bureau about our company, products, or business practices.

    UPS was so impressed on how we can ship a bed in a box they wrote a case study Dewey checks out the Horizontal Latex Saw on the truck The Latex Horizontal Band Saw at Work

    UPS- FloBeds Case Study July 2007
    UPS looks at how FloBeds is able to ship an entire mattress and foundation via UPS.

    Better Business Bureau stops sending out letters for Zero Complaints and initiates a new LETTER GRADING system. FloBeds, of course, gets an A+ !!!

    New vZone Talalay Latex Mattress. Zone-On-Point changed to vZone so we could adjust individual pressure relieving zones. Now customers can change pressure relief in any area, as well as change the overall firmness of the bed. While One-size-fits-all may be the M.O. of other companies, the vZone becomes our best received mattress ever!

    FloBeds has shipped to every state in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Japan, China, England, France, Germany and more.

    Year starts off with new installation of Edge Sweets Latex-Foam Horizontal Saw. Now FloBeds is able to control the quality and precision of all Latex cuts. In addition having our own fabrication capability enables us to purchase latex direct from the Plant.

    House Beautiful asks America's top Designers "What are their favorite things." Barbara Barry counts her FloBed among them!

    House Beautiful and Designer Barbara Barry give FloBeds kudos Twice-Fluffed Pillow Twice-Fluffed Topper

    Hired loyal customer and seamstress extraordinaire Joan to sew up any and all latex wonders we could imagine to add to the FloBeds line of sleep products.

    Started the year off with a stitch-in-time... adding our "Twice Fluffed Shredded Latex Pillows" to the FloBeds product line. From zero to sixty in less than a month, the new adjustable pillow soon eclipsed all other pillow sales. With the shapeable qualities of down and the healthy, long-lasting comfort of latex, the twice fluffed (we run our Talalay Latex cut-offs through the shredder twice to get optimal loft) pillow is made with an inner organic sateen cover and an outer organic stretch-knit cove. We put in a zipper in each covers to allow you to add or remove shredded latex to get the pillow "Just Right."

    December 2010, brought in FloBeds fan, Eve Yeomans, to help us update our FloBeds website.

    On a roll for the second year in a row, 2011 starts out with another well received product: The shredded latex topper. When Maggie (one of our favorite college-bound customers) left Fort Bragg to go to CAL Berkeley, she piped in on our FaceBook page, complaining about not having her FloBed at college. Dave suggested she be a guinea pig... she accepted and the rest is comfort!

    vZone Latex Mattress Goldilocks Guarantee B Corporation... think of the children!

    Garrett moves into Sewing and Sales... and immediately improves on our vZone design. In place of Velcro holding each zone in place, Garret developed an organic cotton sleeve with zippered zone pockets... smooth work Garrett. 'The vZone continue to be our best selling mattress, providing adjustable pressure relief for shoulders and hips as well as adjustable firmness lumbar.

    FloBed customers know we are always here to take care of their sleep needs. Today, or 10 years lateer... once you buy a FloBed you are part of our family. Our designs insure your FloBed will be Just Right. If you need to change the firmness of your bed to make it right today, or years from now, just give us a call. You're likely to get one of the Turner family... Dave, Dewey or Anne... Maybe some of our company-family... Garrett or Paul. And because you're extended family... we get right to what we need to make your mattress "Just Right". Everyday... every year.

    Along the lines of everyday... every year, we did away with our monthly sales and went to an everyday best price. (The whole extended family knew we were guaranteeing the best price for 100 days and this just makes it easier.)
    And customers liked it, rewarding us with our best year ever! Thank you FloBedders.

    The Goldilocks Guarantee turns five. It was 5 years ago that we extended the time frame to adjust the firmness of your FloBed from 90 days to 20 years and FloBeds owners love it. Check out these unbelievable low costs to adjust your bed as your body needs over the years. Happy Birthday Goldilocks! Remember: Your FloBed can always be "Just Right": today, next year and next decade. Because life happens.

    B the Change FloBeds became a Certified B Corporation® on the Autumnal Equinox, September 22, 2106. B Corps are a new way of identifying companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. FloBeds is certified by the non-profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. We've evaluated how our practices impact our employees, our community, the environment, and our customers. You can view theFloBeds B Corporation Profile and Impact Report at the B Corporation web site.

    FloBeds celebrates 20 Years of offering Talalay Natural Latex from Talalay Global. Dave and Dewey travel back to Connecticut to visit with Dave and Kim Fisher of the Talalay team.

    The online mattress industry exploded, resulting in some unsavory behavior from our competitors: Sleepopolis-Casper-bloggers-lawsuits-underside-of-the-mattress-wars
    Flobeds remains ethically uncompromised: we don't pay for our good reviews; we get them from happy customers like you. If you love your Flobed, help us spread the word in this competitive market.

    Furniture Today Honors Latex Mattress Pioneer FloBeds
    giants of bedding - furniture today honors FloBeds

    FloBeds is looking forward to helping you find that good night's sleep you deserve.

    FloBeds... Built in Fort Bragg... Shipped Worldwide!
    FloBeds Sold across America in 2008

    Netscape 1995 (The first FloBeds Website built was built for Netscape... in 1995:)