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FloBeds The Original Organic Natural Personally Engineered Mattress


Latex Mattresses Built on the Mendocino Coast… shipped worldwide
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About FloBeds

At FloBeds, we take pride in being the original personally crafted mattress company. Family owned and operated since 1971, we ship our famous FloBeds throughout the country and all over the world, and in just a few small boxes, saving you money and conserving natural resources! That's the way we do things at FloBeds.
Mayor Dave

The FloBeds Story
stretches back to 1971 Palo Alto, from days at Stanford, to the development of our personally crafted mattress, and all the adventure in between.

FloBeds History

FloBeds History

Dream Team

At FloBeds, it's just like we're family. Wait...some of us ARE family. Dave, Anne & eldest son Dewey form the core of the FloBeds Dream Team, and they treat the rest of us as if we are too!

Meet the Dream Team

Recognition and Reviews

From renowned designer Barbara Barry's Favorite Things, to actor Mark Ruffalo's "zeal" for his FloBed, we love to show off

Who's in bed with us

What's with all the sheep
Flo, our firmness advisor and the rest of her flock spring from the imagination and pen of Anne Turner. Anne also happens to be wife to FloBeds founder, Dave Turner, our V.P. of Finance, AND the creator of an incredible array of fine quilts some of which you may see among these pages).

Contact us! We're here to help you find the right bed for YOUR indivdual needs.
It all starts with a good foundation... made with sustainably harvested pine for the Organic and Natural bed of choice. Decorators choose FloBeds Talk about a hard days night! UPS checks out what all these shipments from FloBeds are... a bed in a box! Relief